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Seafloor Magnetic Anomaly Globe - Plate Boundaries Areas and Lengths -- Watch the Video
Age Distribution of Tectonic Plates -- Watch the Video

Curriculum Standards

Math & Science: Exploring the Ancient World of Pangaea
Math & Science: Exploring Deep-Ocean Water Masses
Math & Science: Investigating Surface Currents Around the Globe

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Real World Globes Lesson Booklet
GCR & Joe RoubalIcosahedron Globe Ornament
Venus, Earth & Mars Measuring Tapes for 18" Globe Kit -- print out at 22" for correct scale

Galilean Satellites Lesson Activities & Answer Keys

  • Galilean Moons Overview - Worksheets by Michael Carroll
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  • Callisto Worksheet
  • Europa Worksheet
  • Ganymede Worksheet
  • Io Worksheet
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  • Callisto Answer Key
  • Europa Answer Key
  • Ganymede Answer Key
  • Io Answer Key

  • mapparium
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    Exploring the Ancient World of Pangaea
    Exploring the Ancient World of Pangaea Answer Key
    Wegener's Puzzling Continents

    Focal Mechanism Lesson Activity

    Hands-on Manipulative Teaching Aid
    Once finished, the Focal Mechanism Solution Lab Kit allows a clear visual presentation. Re-orienting the globe shows how traditional "beach ball" pictures of different focal mechanisms (normal, reverse, strike-slip, oblique slip) are actually all the same, but just oriented differently. Spatial relations between nodal planes, P- and T-axes and slip vectors are much easier to demonstrate in three dimensions.

    Spherical Protractor Lab Method: Assembled Grid Globe
    Plot arrival data at globe locations corresponding to latitude and longitude of seismic stations. Closed circles indicate first "upward" motion, open circles indicate first "downward" motion. After plotting arrival data, use the spherical ruler to trace great circles separating regions of open circles from regions of closed circles. Use the protractor to draw a perpendicular to the great circle. To finish delineating open-circle and closed-circle quadrants, use the spherical ruler to draw a great circle through the perpendicular marks. This results in finished Focal Mechanism Solution, showing compressional (shaded, closed circle) quadrants and dilatational quadrants. Clear Hemisphere & Stereonet workboard---The Schmidt Net is a 2D representation of the lower hemisphere of the globe. The clear hemisphere allows visualization by drawing points and great circles (from above exercise) on it, showing how they project down to the workboard.

    See additional lab activities in attached links, courtesy Dyanthe Weeraratne, Cal State Northridge.

    Seismology & Structural Geology Lesson Activities from Cal State University Northridge

    Lab: Daily Earthquakes and Interior Earth Structure
    Lab: Fault Planes and Focal Mechanisms
    Lab: Euler Poles

    Oceanography Lesson Activities

    Thermohaline & Surface Circulation from Old Dominion University
    El Niño and La Niña by Charles Dichiera

    Venus, Earth and Mars System Scale

    Download System Scale
    Including California State Standards for Mathematical Reasoning & Algebra
    plus National Science Standards -- by Charles Dichiera

    Planet Mars TopoGlobe

    The Global Topography of Mars and Implications for Surface Evolution
    Possible Ancient Oceans on Mars
    Ancient Geodynamics and Global-Scale Hydrology on Mars

    Mars Albedo

    Hubble Captures A Full Rotation of Mars
    Mars Albedo Map by Hernandez and Troiani

    Canals of Mars

    Newspaper article from 1964, "Life Beyond Our Planet"


    Interactive 3D Globe by Weeraratne, D. S.
    Activity One: Radiocarbon by Ryan H. Glaubke
    Activity One: Radiocarbon Answer Key

    Planet Venus

    Resources for learning about the geology of Venus
    Selected Readings in Venus Geology and Geophysics by Susan B. Yewell, 1993

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    The scientific task is to explain with a strong visual impact the relationships between the ancient supercontinent called Pangaea.

    Structural Geology

    Real World Globes can be used to study of the three-dimensional distribution of rock units with respect to their deformational histories.

    Real World Globe Overlays

    When used with Real World Globes' Spherical Ruler, these overlays can help enhance the educational experience in the classroom.